NYPD paper license plate crackdown tracker

complaints filed

summonses issued


Resolution Count
Took action 5144
Action not necessary 3972
Found no violation 3829
Gone 2315
Summons 2060
Provided information 929
Jurisdiction 670
Report 133
Contact Info 98
Unable to gain entry to premises 13
Arrest 3

“If you dare to obscure your real license plate, or if you affix an altered or forged temporary plate to your vehicle, we are out there right now in real time looking for your car and looking for you.”
—NYPD Transportation Bureau Chief Kim Royster

The NYPD is cracking down on fraudulent paper license plates. How are they doing? Data from NYC 311. Spot a paper plate? Report it. First report: July 6, 2022. Last updated: Thursday, December 7, 2023 at 4:23 AM EST.